Year 5 - All about Japan

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20th January 2023 3 CategoriesKingfisher ClassHeron ClassLearning Beyond the Classroom

This half-term, Year 5 are continuing their learning about the natural disasters that happen in the Far East, and have been focusing on the volcano Mount Fuji in Japan. To help them with their learning, children have been immersed in Japanese culture. They have learnt more about the geography, language, food, music and art in Japan.  

Year 5 particularly enjoyed trying the most popular Japanese dish – sushi. Children enjoyed tasting the sushi and reviewing it with their partners, and were lucky to have the opportunity to make it themselves the following week. They used traditional Japanese tools and ingredients, including a bamboo rolling mat, nori seaweed and sticky rice.

Later on, Year 5 also learnt about traditional Japanese musical instruments, including the biwa and bamboo flute. Children then used this knowledge to create their own musical compositions inspired by traditional Japanese music. Scan the QR code below to listen to one of them!

Children said: 

'I loved trying sushi for the first time- it tasted completely different to the food I usually like'

'Japanese music makes me feel calm and relaxed' 

'I would love to go to Japan and climb Mount Fuji' 

At home, ask your child what their favourite part of Japanese culture is and why.