The Reggio Emilia Approach

The school is designed with the Reggio Emilia Approach. The environment is the third teacher and is carefully designed for light, space and beauty to inspire children and demonstrate their value. The approach determines the way that children move around the building and grounds as equal constructors. The school belongs to them and they have to look after it, use it wisely and collaborate fully with adults. The projects completed to improve the environment with the Artists in Residence are an important part of this approach.

The research-based philosophy of the school is seen in the calm, uncluttered spaces and natural materials.

Children as human beings, possess a hundred languages: a hundred ways of thinking, expressing, understanding, of encountering otherness through a way of thinking that weaves together and does not separate the various dimensions of experience. The hundred languages are a metaphor for the extraordinary potentials of children, their knowledge-building and creative processes, the myriad forms with which life is manifested and knowledge is constructed.

Our Artist in Residence (Atelerista)

The school employs specialist teachers for some areas of the curriculum. We are very fortunate that the Drapers’ Company provides a generous contribution to support the children’s educational experiences and we subsidise all visits and visitors with this funding. It is our aim that the children in our school will have a broad experience and be exceptionally well prepared for the next stage of learning and beyond, into adulthood.