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Spanish is the chosen European language of Drapers' Maylands

We chose Spanish because it is the second most spoken language in the world and because it is very phonetic (spoken how it is written) it is simpler to learn.

Children are introduced to Spanish from EYFS through songs, simple greetings and vocabulary. From Key Stage 1 and beyond, pupils are introduced to more vocabulary, simple phrases and conversations. Pupils learn to read and write in Spanish from Year 3.  

We use Language Angels as a scheme of work. This provides interactive and innovative teaching through exciting units and resources.

We celebrate the diversity of our school community by inviting parents and carers to share their home languages with us in class. It is our aim that the school is a multi-lingual community by celebration of diversity in addition to the European language we have adopted. we aim to foster a deep understanding of each other's cultures and languages by sharing stories, traditions, and experiences. Our objective is to encourage our students to develop their language skills while gaining insight into a different country's culture, language, and education.