Year 1 Chinese New Year

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16th January 2023 3 CategoriesRabbit ClassSquirrel ClassLearning Beyond the Classroom

Year 1 have been fascinated by their new unit of learning, where we have been looking at toys from the past and comparing them to present day toys. Our new friend Woody has been helping us with our toys learning, and has proven to be very cheeky, moving from area to area in the classroom when the humans are not in the room!

We were very lucky to have a visitor join us this week to deliver Chinese New Year workshops. The children highly enjoyed learning about the history and traditions of the celebration.

At Forest School, Rabbit Class explored the new bluebells growing in the ground. Children also enjoyed putting their Science Materials learning to use in the natural environment. 

During Art, Year 1 began their Painting Skills journey, where they explored the colour wheel and had fun experimenting with mixing primary colours to create secondary colours.