Year 3 - Kites

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22nd April 2022 3 CategoriesOtter ClassSeal ClassLearning Beyond the Classroom

This week we read Return by Aaron Becker. We were inspired by the kite that the main character plays with and so we made our own kites for a science experiment. We followed the instructions carefully to assemble our kites from scratch. Then we took our kites outside to test them out. We wanted to find out if a kite needs a tail to fly, and if the length of the tail affects how the kite flies, so we made kites with no tail and kites with different lengths of tail. We found out that with no tail, the kite spins very fast and is not steady. With a short tail the kites flew a little higher and were slightly steadier but were still moving around a lot. With the longest tail the kites were spinning less and flying higher, as they were much more stable. We loved flying our kites outside and were lucky that it was quite a windy day, although a few of our kites got tangled together!