As a key skill, it is important that the pupils become numerate and are able to build confidence in mathematical skills.

In EYFS Reception year, pupils will use the Little Big Maths scheme and move onto the Big Maths scheme from Year 1. The scheme is successful in systematically teaching skills and developing confidence to use and apply those skills with understanding. Through the cycle of teaching, skills are taught, developed and consolidated regularly. Planning for themes includes opportunities to practise and deepen understanding of skills during the regular cross-curricular opportunities. Big Maths activities are supported with resources from other programmes, including opportunities for working at greater depth.

Through regular monitoring and weekly challenges, opportunities to provide interventions take place through one-to-one tuition and small group revision. A selection of IT support materials and programmes will be used in each year group so that learning at home and at school supports confidence and competence in foundation skills. Home Learning includes the use of Mathletics, for which certificates are awarded weekly during celebration assembly.

It is our aim that from EYFS pupils should be able to challenge themselves, think critically and feel confident when using number. Daily mathematics teaching takes place in addition to using maths through play in EYFS and through carefully planned opportunities to build on their ability to use and apply skills in Year 1 and beyond. When children leave Year 6 they will be able to confidently use mathematical skills and be fully prepared for the next stage of their education.