Information Technology

At our school we plan to anticipate the changes in technology over the next decade by integrating this subject into the daily life of the classroom.

The National Curriculum outlines skills which we will deliver through contextual activities as far as possible. In addition to ensuring our pupils can use a wide range of platforms and select different devices to suit a purpose, computer science forms part of the curriculum. From EYFS, pupils will be able to use hand-held devices in addition to other forms of technology and begin to understand programming before more specific computer science teaching through Key Stages 1 and 2. The school has adapted the Rising Stars Computing Curriculum to ensure that pupils are able to leave Key Stage 2 with competency in computing, including computational thinking.

The integrated use of a range of technology will begin In EYFS where technological resources are available through play and planned activities. The school has a Technology Zone which has areas for recording, an editing suite and a space to develop child-initiated use of information technology. Where we can, specialists will support pupils with specific skills and the pupils will be able to develop their own school radio and television stations from Year 4.

Information Technology opportunities will be an integral part of the theme-based learning. A broad range of IT resources are available for all pupils ensure that the school has considered the changing needs of our future generation. Before moving on to Secondary school, pupils will become digitally literate. They will be able to use, and express themselves and develop their ideas through, information and communication technology to become active participants in a digital world.