Curriculum Map

Our school curriculum map for 2018...

Teachers plan themes which will inspire learners, include the appropriate National Curriculum requirements and provide opportunities to enrich the knowledge and experiences of our pupils. The outline of themes is given, based on PSHCE, history, geography and science for the three terms.

Quality texts are used to support the theme and cross-curricular links to writing, mathematics and IT are written in to planning. The theme begins with a collaborative planning activity for a ‘Knowledge Harvest’ and then a Wonder Wall is created with questions and ideas to encourage self-directed learning.



All theme units are linked to the programmes of study from the National Curriculum. Units build progressively from EYFS to Year 6 with links in planning from previous learning and future themes. Where there is a dual curriculum focus, teachers should consider the National Curriculum requirements and plan according to pupils’ interests so that skills and knowledge are not missed but collaborative planning will determine the focus.