Art, Design, Technology, Music and Drama.

Music is an important part of the learning at our school. We ensure that the themes include planning for musical appreciation and composition. The school choir is led by a specialist music teacher and will be united as Key Stage One and Two pupils, taking part in local community activities and regional celebrations, such as Young Voices. From Year 1, children learn to play the recorder as part of a weekly music lesson with specialist teacher. There are instrument lessons available for selected children in Key Stage 1 and open to all pupils in Key Stage 2. In Year 2 the pupils are taught to play the ukele and the keyboard in Year 3. When the school has pupils up to Year 4, there will be a school orchestra. Through collective assemblies, children will be able to learn about, hear and respond to famous composers and contemporary musicians on a weekly basis.

Artistic expression is encouraged from exploration in EYFS and pupils continue to use a range of media through Key Stages 1 and 2 by following National Curriculum requirements. Appreciation of famous artists, sculptors and photographers and their work is divided into each year group so that pupils are familiar with at least fourteen pieces of work and seven artists by the time they leave the Primary school.  A copy of the art work for the year group study is displayed in each classroom throughout the year. Through discussion, pupils will be able to express opinions about art and music from simple preference in EYFS to more complex comparison and reasoning in Year 6.

Drama is taught as part of the literacy activities so that pupils are encouraged to express themselves through voice and action from EYFS onwards. Enrichment activities are planned for the whole school which focus on dance and drama at least twice during the academic year. School celebrations include class assemblies as well as more formal productions. There are year group productions for pupils to participate in every two years: EYFS Nativity during the Autumn Term, Year 2 Summer Term production, Year 4 Spring Term production, Year 6 Summer Term production. From EYFS children are encouraged to develop public speaking skills through Chatterbox activities, which are developed through Key Stage 1 and in Key Stage 2 pupils are able to take part in debating and public speaking competitions in the local area.

Our school building has a Technology Room which is used for art and other technology activities for pupils from EYFS to Year 6. Pupils are encouraged to use tools for specific technology tasks, including cooking. There is an Artist in Residence in school during the summer term to support with practical technology tasks and enrich learning opportunities.