The Sponsors

The Drapers' Company

The Drapers' Company is proud to be the lead sponsor of Drapers' Maylands Primary School and is one of the Twelve Great Livery Companies of the City of London. 

From its origins in the thirteenth century, the Company has developed an involvement with a wide range of charitable activities in general, and education and the relief of need, in particular. Over the last five hundred years, the Company has been involved in the foundation of numerous schools and places of learning across Britain and continues to provide financial and governor support to over twenty schools, colleges and universities. Its involvement in school governance contributes to strong educational performance in these establishments. 

There are approximately 700 members of the Drapers' Company from all walks of life and, as in the case of Drapers' Academy, individuals volunteer to help with the governance of schools and colleges. 

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Queen Mary University of London

The co-sponsor, Queen Mary University of London, is one of the leading Colleges of the University of London, with 15,000 students studying for University of London degrees in Science and Engineering; Humanities and Social Sciences; Medicine and Dentistry.

Queen Mary has a strong track-record of contributing to the development of education in London through innovative partnerships. Queen Mary will provide enrichment and extension of maths and science through the development of additional and innovative learning materials, and collaborative teaching and learning activities and events.

Alongside its high standards of academic excellence, Queen Mary is known for its friendly culture and is the only university in London to have its teaching, leisure and accommodation facilities all on a campus, making life and study much easier for its 15,000 students.

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