What The Children Say

Pupil Voice January 2018


What do you enjoy at school?

Polite teachers, tables set up with fun activities, sports with Mr Juson, games on the playground, any maths, Literacy learning, school dinner and puddings, making new friends, helping others. - Badger Class

Spending time in the reading garden. - Rabbit Class

Playing with friends every day. - Dormouse Class


Who keeps you safe at school?

The teachers keep everybody safe. - Gabriella

Everyone who works in the school. - Rabbit Class

Our friends. - Squirrel Class



Is learning important in your school?

Yes- you can do free learning and try lots of things. - Dormouse Class

Yes- things you need to know for when you're older. - Fox Class

Yes- because we do lots of learning to be fantastic role models and learn how to be kind and smart. - Hedgehog Class

If you don't learn, you can't have a job when you grow up. - Rabbit Class


How do you know what to do in school?

The teachers explain everything so you know what you need to do. They say 'excuse me, can you do this or please may you do this. We remember what we did yesterday and where we need to go. - Squirrel Class

If you're a new person, everyone can help. - Rabbit Class

Adults tell us, teachers teach us how to behave with things they say, and the Behaviour for Learning board. - Badger Class


What can you do to get better?

Challenge yourself. - Fox Class

Do your home learning all the time. - Dormouse Class

Edit our work, listen to the teacher ideas and advice, try our best, listen and think. - Badger Class


Pupil Voice March 2017

The children were asked to give feedback on the following questions. The responses were 100% positive. Here are examples of their voice:


What do you enjoy learning at school?



‘I like doing phonics at school because I like learning to blend’

‘I like learning maths so that I can move on in CLIC’

‘Free learning inside and outside’

‘Playing with shovels (in the gardening area)’

‘Chatterbox time’

Year 1:


‘Quiet activities, like colouring’

‘Everything, including Home Learning- my favourite was making a boat’

‘Science Week with the visit from the scientist and the explosion’

‘Learning about other countries and celebrations in assembly’

‘Building in the block area- like castles’

‘We enjoy doing maths because it’s easy’

‘We like to go on school trips’

‘We enjoy playing Minecraft and we made an island’


Is learning important in your school?


‘Yes! We learn so much all day!’

‘We have to learn- so then we know it!’

Year 1:

‘It is very important. We have the best teachers who help us learn new things’

‘Yes! Because it’s important’

‘It’s called Drapers’ Maylands and it’s a special school!’


How do you know?


‘..because you can learn to read and spell’

‘…because you can count in 10’s’

‘We learn new things all the time so we know more’

‘We ask the teacher a question if we want to learn something else’

Year 1:

‘The Behaviour for Learning display’

‘Learning is important’

‘Our brain will get smarter’

‘Maths is important, it makes you clever so you can work out tricky addition’

‘When we are older and other people ask us questions, we know the answer’


How do you know what to do in your book?


‘The teacher in the lesson shows you how to do something- like in phonics, you can write the sounds in your book’

‘You have to ask the teacher and they tell you’

‘My mummy tells me what to do because she looks in the (Home School Communication) book’

Year 1:

‘The teacher tells us what we have to do’

‘The learning objective tells you what to do’

‘It has a label at the top (of the page)’

‘(the teacher) puts a star when your writing is so neat’ ‘or when you do it all correct(ly) and the numbers are the right way around’


What can you do to get better? (make progress)


‘I can ask the teacher questions’

‘When something’s a bit hard, I always keep trying. That’s our rule’

‘Talk to your friends’

‘Try your best’

Year 1:

‘You can get a sound mat or a word mat’

‘Try and try- keep trying!’

‘When there is a blue letter- write it three times’

‘You need to listen carefully and think’

‘Homework is important because it helps you learn. Also, it helps you to practise and then you can move on to a new level’


As we strive to improve our successful school. Actions taken from the analysis of pupil voice will address areas which can be improved.