Meet The Team

The staff at Drapers' Maylands Primary School...

Ms Spillane

Vice Principal
Ms Porter

Mrs Sarkis

EYFS : Reception
Ms Stepaniuk (Class Teacher)
Ms Phillips (Class Teacher)
Ms Williams (Teaching Assistant)
Ms Levine (Teaching Assistant)
Ms Flint (Teaching Assistant)
Ms Wilkes (Teaching Assistant)

Key Stage 1 : Year 1
Ms Philp (Class Teacher)
Ms Blowers (PGCE Student)
Ms Fitch (M-W) (Class Teacher)
Ms Leon (Class Teacher)
Ms Smith (Teaching Assistant)
Ms Isles (Teaching Assistant)
Key Stage 1 : Year 2
Ms Smith (Class Teacher)
Ms Sainsbury (Class Teacher)
Ms Drayan (Teaching Assistant)
Key Stage 2 : Year 3
Ms Copper (Class Teacher)
Ms Keene (M/T/W) (Class Teacher)
Ms Hastings (Teaching Assistant)
Ms Murrell (Teaching Assistant)

Key Stage 2 : Year 4
Mr Frederick (Class Teacher)
Ms Lloyd (Th/F) (Class Teacher)
Ms Stander (M-W) (Class Teacher)
Ms Scott  (Teaching Assistant)
Mr Caro (Teaching Assistant)

Specialist Teachers
Mr Juson (Sports Coach)
Mr Caro (Teaching Assistant)
Mr Sarkis (Artist in Residence)
Ms Maude (Music Teacher)
Ms Fowler (Dance Teacher)

School Office
Ms Smith (Office Manager)
Ms McCulloch (Office Assistant)
Ms Barrett (Office Assistant)

Site Team
Mr Young (Caretaker)
Mr Furness (Caretaker)

Home School Link Officer
Mr Byrne

The Breakfast Club
Ms Isles
Ms Murrell
Ms Flint
Ms Richardson