School Results

Due to Covid-19 and an extended period of school closure, planned tests did not take place for 2020.

Results 2019

The information below compares the attainment of our pupils with local authority and national averages. We are delighted with the excellent results across the school again this year. Well done to all our children and the hard-working staff.

Early Years Foundation Stage

81% of pupils in Reception attained a Good Level of Development against the Early Years Framework. This is above the local authority average of 71.7% and the national average of 71.8%.

The average points score for our school was 38; higher than the local authority score of 34.1 and the national score of 34.6.

24% of pupils exceeded the national expectations at the end of the reception year.

A Good Level of Development is defined as children working at the expected standard or exceeding the expected standard in the key areas of literacy, maths, physical development, communication and language and personal, social and emotional development.

Year One Phonic Screening

90.2% of pupils in Year One attained the expected standard in the Phonic Screening test. This is higher than the national average (82%) and the local authority average (83%).

Key Stage One

At the end of KS1 (Yr2), teachers are required to assess each child in the areas of reading, writing, maths and science. National Curriculum assessment tests are used to support teachers’ judgements.

Judgements are made as follows:

Expected Standard – Working at the expected standard for a child at the end of Year 2

Greater Depth – Working at greater depth within the expected standard, with a strong understanding of the curriculum.

Attainment in Year 2 was high in 2019. Drapers' Maylands performance was above the national average in every subject area. Attainment was in line or above our high achieving local authority in all areas at Expected Standard and at Greater Depth was higher in Mathematics.