The Journey to Find the Trees

On Monday I began the day at Southend Airport at 5.30am, meeting with the Project Manager of the new school building from Galliford Try and the contract manager from the Landscape Company. We flew to Amsterdam and then took a train to Oudenbosch.
Oudenbosch means ancient forest and it was there that I could choose the trees which we would be planting in the grounds of our new school. The trees have been growing for 6 years - the same age as our oldest children.
Under the sunshine of the Dutch sky, I selected the strongest, healthiest trees I could find so that they would thrive in their new home of Harold Hill.
The trees grow with sunshine and light all around so that they are even in shape and ready to be transplanted anywhere in the world. Our trees would be removed later that afternoon and make their way to England in a few days. I could only stay long enough to choose the trees and then begin my journey by train and aeroplane back to school and (hopefully) back to the warm sunshine under the English sky.
I look forward to seeing our new trees in the landscape scheme. We truly are all GROWING TOGETHER…