Rabbit Class Blog

Friday 11th October 2019

This week we are learning about Jackson Pollock and why his art is very special. We learnt about 'drip painting' and had a go. Looking forward to finishing our space art over the week. 


Friday 4th October 2019

We were please to celebrate 4 fantastic readers in Rabbit class this week who spent their summer in the local library choosing and reading a range of books. Well done Eve, Najhat, Vivaan and Hollie.


Wednesday 25th October 2019

Today we had ‘Flat Stan’ first aid training. We learnt how to bandage an injury, how to perform CPR, what to do when someone is choking and how to respond to a nose bleed. We enjoyed practising all these skills through a range of activities. Everyone received a special certificate for their training. Well done Rabbit Class!


Friday 13th October 2019

What a wonderful first week into year 1 we have had. The children have been introduced to our 'My Toy Story' theme by watching the Toy Story film and bringing their favourite toys into school. They were each able to share their toy and explain to others why it is special to them. The children enjoyed writing about their special toy too! 

During Maths we have been looking at doubling, halving and counting to 100! Tomorrow we have our first P.E and dance lesson for the new school year, so please ensure your child has their P.E kit at school in the morning, ready to go.

The class have enjoyed hearing and viewing the completed homework challenges that were set over the summer. We have learnt lots of new facts about Rabbits and are very impressed with the creativity! Well done everyone. 


Friday 28th June 2019

We enjoyed the visit last week from the Olympic athlete, Steve Frew. Each of the children took part in a training session, learning how to perform different exercise techniques. 

It was a very good warm up for Sports Day the following day. 

Well done to everyone who took part and thank you to the parents and family who came to support and see our superstars shine!

During Forest School this week the children were encouraged to cross the road safely, checking both ways and making a decision to cross when the road is clear. We enjoyed climbing trees, building a hut, swinging and looking for creatures. It was lovely to see every child engaged and making the most of their time in the forest.


Friday 14th June 2019

What a fantastic time we have had raising money for UNICEF, to help children play safely.  The children enjoyed making flapjack yesterday in preparation for the UNICEF breakfast this morning. It was lovely seeing our confident children serving breakfast to their adults. Well done to every waiter and waitress today, and thank you to the people who braved the cold (and drizzle!) to help us fund raise for such an important cause. 

We certainly enjoyed our penalty shoot out this afternoon against Mr Kellum and Mrs Vingoe! Each child took 3 turns at shooting the ball into the goal past our very well trained goalies! Some fantastic goals scored, and even a shoe that managed to fly off and score a goal too. Enjoy a few snapshots of the fun below. 

Thanks again for your generosity.


Friday 7th June 2019

A huge well done to the children who achieved their homework challenge of learning to read 60 words over the half term. It was a pleasure to listen to the children 'fred talking and blending' a range of phonetic words.  A special medal and certificate was awarded to each of the winners!

Today we took part in the Great Mayland's Bake Off. We made iced finger buns. Each child in the class worked as part of a group to weigh out the ingredients and mix them together. After some proofing time, the children formed the  dough into sausage shapes and cooked in the oven. The children enjoyed mashing up real fruits and mixing them with icing sugar to form the toppings for our buns. 

We enjoyed the judging assembly at the end of the day, thanks to the parents who came along to support us!


Tuesday 4th June 2019

Year 1 enjoyed a 'phonics hunt' as part of our Outdoor Learning Day. Each group was given a variety of sounds and they had to find words hidden around the school with their given sounds in it. 

It was a beautiful day for us to get out and take advantage of our stunning school grounds. 

Over the next half term we look forward to doing some planting and getting to explore more of our school environment through our topic 'Welcome To Our School'.

Today we have enjoyed our first session of Forest Schools for this half term. The children enjoyed building, swinging, climbing and exploring the woods during the rainy afternoon.  Well done to ALL the children for having their change of clothes ready to go. Just a reminder that all children will need a set of waterproof trousers and jacket, along with a long sleeved t-shirt/jumper.


Friday 29th June 2018

This week we have been making the most of our wonderful Outdoor Science Area. The children have been observing, drawing and labeling plants. They have also been sorting leaves, into different sizes, shapes and colours.

We were very excited to welcome two new members of our school to Year 1 this year; Ethel and Schnell, our Giant African Snails. We have been learning about what they like to eat, and how to look after them as pets.

We have also planned our storyboard, ready for next week's film making! The children will be making their films, ready for our Celebration Afternoon on Wednesday 11th July.


Friday 22nd June 2018

This week we had a visit from Architecture Workshops who showed the children how to use just sticks and elastic bands to create different shapes and structures! They enjoyed making triangles, rhombuses, hexagons, bridges, towers, igloos and tunnels!


Friday 15th June 2018

On Wednesday, Squirrel class had a wonderful Forest School session. The children enjoyed observing changes in the environment and exploring the beauty of nature.


Friday 8th June 2018

This week has been another fun filled week for us!

On Tuesday we were joined by Wild Science who let us get up close to animals such as a tarantula, a rabbit, a chinchilla, a giant African millipede, a corn snake and a bearded dragon.

On Thursday we hosted a Bake Off. Our Year 1 entry was a variety of flapjacks, designed and made by the children.  In order to know what ingredients we wanted to use, the children took part in a taste testing session; raisins were very popular, as were the cherries and apricots!

Squirrel class are looking forward to having their first Summer Term Forest School session next week.


Friday 25th May 2018

On Monday we discussed the Royal Wedding, as our JIGSAW Day theme was 'relationships'. As part of our special day, the children made their own hand shake with a friend. 

Well done to everyone who took part in Walk to School Week! The children have enjoyed taking part in walking related activities, including keeping a tally chart and adding stickers to their class poster. 

Rabbit class attended their final Forest School session this year; Squirrel class are looking forward to attending after Half Term.

Have a wonderful May Half Term! We look forward to seeing you all on Monday 4th June.


Friday 18th May 2018

This week we took part in Outdoor Classroom Day. We got to spend lots of time outside and the children took part in activities such as making their own weather forecast, creating weather inspired art, experimenting with sound, exploring wind and creating natural frames. Rabbit Class enjoyed another fun filled Forest School session and both Year 1 classes enjoyed their PE session outside.

As it is also Deaf Awareness Week, Alice's mum joined us on Thursday to tell us more about the work she does as a British Sign Language translator. Thank you! The children really enjoyed writing their name on one another's hand and learning some sign language. They also leant about canes and how best to communicate with people who are deaf.


Friday 11th May 2018

This week the children were landscape gardeners. They thought carefully about how to improve our outdoor area. There were lots of interesting ideas, including a petting zoo, a swimming pool and a rollercoaster. Later in the week the children were architects, designing their dream school. The children also continued learning to play the recorder and even had a go at making their own melody.


Friday 4th May 2018

We have been learning about maps as part of our new theme; Welcome to Our School. At the start of the week the children took part in an orienteering challenge, using a map of our new school building to locate the treasure. Then the children were cartographers, drawing their own maps of our outdoor area and then using them to be treasure hunters. We enjoyed reading a new poem this week; The Sound Collector by Roger McGough. After listening to this poem the children were inspired to write their own sound collector inspired poetry and went on a sound hunt around our school.


Friday 27th April 2018

Thank you to all of the adults who attended Parent Consultations on Monday. It was fantastic being able to talk about all of the things the children have achieved during the last term.  

This week the children had a fantastic time learning some new dance moves, as we were joined by Jam Dance Company. We also took part in a Jigsaw Jack Challenge Day, where our focus was Healthy Me. The children took part in some sporting activities, learnt about keeping their body and mind healthy, as well as having lots of reflective circle time sessions with their class friends.

Rabbit Class had their first Summer Term Forest School session and loved seeing the changes in the environment. The Bluebells looked beautiful! We look forward to going again next week.


Friday 20th April 2018

Year 1 have been very excited to be back at school and learning! 

On the first day back at school we had a very exciting Design & Technology day, with a STEM challenge in the morning. The children could use only one newspaper and one roll of masking tape to create the strongest and tallest sculpture possible. There were lots of good ideas - and lots of learning about patience! In the afternoon the children made their own moving pictures, like the ones in some storybooks, by creating a lever mechanism. Some children made Jack climbing the beanstalk, others made a goat that trip-trapped across the bridge. Everyone had lots of fun! 

On Friday we had a special Jigsaw day about Our Dreams and Goals. The children talked about goals they had already achieved, made a special treasure chest for their successes and set themselves new goals with their friends. We talked about having steps to achieve our goals, and went on a bear hunt in the afternoon to learn about obstacles that sometimes get in the way! The children finished the week feeling proud of themselves, and ready to continue being brilliant learners!


Friday 16th March 2018

We had an amazing science week. We went to Forest schools with Early Years and Year 2 to do a nature scavenger hunt, and make a tally chart of the minibeasts we could find. We did have the opportunity to explore the changes that rain makes to the environment, and particularly enjoyed listening to the sounds rain makes in the forest.

On Tuesday we were so excited to be able to visit the Sealife Centre in Southend and learn all about the animals that live in the seas around the islands that we have been learning about! Plus, we got to see their new meerkat exhibit – some of us thought one of the meerkats looked just like Sunny from the story that we have been reading in class; Meerkat Mail. Whilst we were there we saw stingrays, jellyfish, lots of different types of fish and we walked through the shark tunnel and watched the sharks swimming right over our heads! Plus we got to touch a crab, and a starfish – although we had to use our little finger because it’s the coldest part of our body and starfish are cold-blooded animals. We also saw the seahorses being fed, and learnt that they have very small stomachs so they have to eat small meals a day.

On Wednesday we were ‘Exploring Sound’ where Rabbit class where able to partake in workshops across the school.

On Thursday the theme was, Dinosaur Discovery. The children became archaeologists, brushing different fossils and matching them to the correct dinosaurs. We learnt about Mary Anning who is recognised as one of the first and most important paleontologists. The children had to write some facts about her life.

On Friday we had an incredibly exciting end to our science week as Dr Graham Turnock, CEO of the UK Space Agency, came to visit our school. He did a fantastic interactive assembly for all of the children, and answered lots of the questions they had for him.

It has been a fantastic week!


Friday 5th January 2018

On our first day back after the half term break we had a ‘wow’ day where all the children got to go on a holiday to Hawaii!

The children enjoyed a hot drink in the airport café and then caught a flight to Hawaii. They learnt a hula dance and had a competition. Also the children played limbo, tasted exotic fruits, coconut water, mango juice and wrote postcards to their friends and families.


Friday 1st December 2017

On the first of December, the children had a ‘wow day’. All the children came into the classroom and found some footprints on the floor and a huge castle with the Nutcracker story inside it. The children were very excited and talked amongst themselves trying to figure out where the footprints came from and what happened in Rabbit Class. They read the Nutcracker story and they found that it is the King’s Mouse footprints on the floor. It was a very exciting day!

In celebration assembly this week Peter received a certificate for showing a great effort in maths. Well done for trying your best!

Congratulations to Jazmine, Lucy C, Keene, Sophia, Charlotte, Caden-Jai, Reece, Peter, Riley, Jessica and Lucy TC who have received a ‘Beat That’ certificate for scoring full marks on their Big Maths for 3 weeks in a row. Well done to all of you!


Friday 24th November 2017

The children have had a very exciting week.

They have been writing instructions on how to make a sandwich and spaghetti using imperative verbs and time connectives.

On Wednesday we went to the DT room to make pizzas. We discussed these questions: What is a pizza? What do they think it is made from? Do they know which country it comes from? They made their own pizza from their favourite toppings and had an opportunity to take the pizza home and share with their family. The children enjoyed it very much!


Congratulations to Alexander last week for receiving the Merit certificate for showing a great effort in literacy.

Also, a special thank you to the lunchtime helpers this week: Sophia, Abbie, Jessica, Reece, Archie, Alexander, Keene, Lucy TC, Menaal, Caden-Jai, Charlotte, Riley. Well done for doing a brilliant job of looking after your team!


Friday 17th March 2017

It was a joy to be in the woods these past couple of weeks as the sun shone. Lots of the children continued to enjoy balancing along the fallen trees. Many gained confidence and they were able to explore a range of ways to manoeuvre across the logs. The challenge was set to create some woodland games using the resources around us. Bows and arrows were made using string and willow. A dedicated area was established for target practise and the child took great care to do this carefully. Another group made rattles by threading woodland objects onto a wire carefully. Others continued to work on and improve their homes from last week. We had a busy morning!


Friday 10th March 2017

This week we created our own colourful art outdoors for Holi using powder paints. We talked about Holi being a Hindu spring festival also known as the “festival of colour”.


Wednesday 8th March 2017

We were so excited to be able to visit the Sealife Centre in Southend and learn all about the animals that live in the seas around the islands we have been learning about! Plus, we got to see their new meerkat exhibit – some of us thought one of the meerkats looked just like Sunny from the story we have been reading in class; Meerkat Mail. Whilst we were there we saw stingrays, jellyfish, lots of different types of fish and we walked through the shark tunnel and watched the sharks swimming right over our heads! Plus we got to touch a crab, and a starfish – although we had to use our little finger because it’s the coldest part of our body and starfish are cold-blooded animals. When we came back we wrote letters to the Sealife Centre to say thank you and tell them our favourite part and all the things we had learnt!


Friday 3rd March 2017

On our first day back after the half-term break we had a ‘wow day’ where all the children got to on a holiday to Hawaii! First they had to book their holiday in ‘Rabbit Travel Agents’, then they took their boarding pass to the check-in desk where the details were checked, and finally they boarded an aeroplane to Hawaii! When the children arrived in Hawaii they were greeted with leis, and invited to relax on the beach and enjoy the Hawaiian music. Next children learnt a hula dance, and had a dance competition. After that the children played limbo, tasted coconuts and mango juice, made Tiki statues and wrote postcards home. It was a very exciting day trip indeed!

We also had a special visit from Sam from the Happy Puzzle Company who came in to show us how to work as a team to solve maths-based challenges!

In Geography we learnt how to read a compass and then used it to work out which sides of our playground were North, South, East and West. We had lots of fun labelling our playground and then drawing our own maps with the compass directions. We also did some programming with our beebot using the new vocabulary we had learnt!

In Literacy we have been writing letters. This week a special story arrived with a special visitor! Sunny the Meerkat had brought us his book ‘Meerkat Mail’, full of postcards he sent on his trip. We did some drama and pretended that we were Sunny, and then wrote our own postcards home!

In Art we have been making piranhas, after learning all about them. We know that most piranhas are carnivores and that they live in the content of South America but can be found in the seas of Hawaii too. We also know that piranhas get a new set of teeth every 100 days!

This week in Maths we have been learning to tell the time. We now know how to read the o’clock times!

Rabbit Class went to Forest School on Thursday and found Red riding hood who led the way to her Grandma's house in the woods. The children collected treasures along the way to give to Grandma including twigs, feathers, grass, stones and even a King Alfred's cake (fungus). The route involved balancing along a fallen tree, most negotiated this on foot and a few chose to move along on their bottoms. Everyone was busy making new homes for Grandma or for her pets that live nearby. A burrow was dug for rabbits using a piece of bark as a shovel. A sofa area, a garden and a new home including bedrooms and an attic were created for Grandma to use. We left a whole host of new homes to be explored by woodland creatures. We even made flags for the homes!

Finally, we took part in World Book Day this week – lots of the children came in in fantastic costumes and told us about the character they were dressed as, their favourite books and their favourite book characters. We even had a special parade to show our costumes to the children in Early Years. A special well done to Amber (Alice in Wonderland) and Luke (Harry Potter) who won the prizes for “most convincing costume”.


Friday 10th February 2017

This week all of us in Year 1 learnt the names and locations of the 7 continents of the world. Our teachers drew out a whole world map on the playground and we got to run between the continents!

We in Rabbit Class also took part in the RSPB’s “Big Garden Birdwatch” during Forest School where we did some bird spotting, made some ‘bird cake’ and prepared cereal loops for the birds to snack on.