Principals Blog - 21 January

Happy New Year and here we are in the middle of January already! Time flies when there is fun to be had and this year has started so well for the pupils of Maylands. Although it seems like a long time ago, the journey from September to December was a very successful one. The children had many highlights- not just making friends and learning so many things but also building a community where respect, trust, determination and tolerance were established.
The term included Harvest Festival celebration with parents and families, a 'Bonfire' experience toasting marshmallows and a grand finale of the great Nativity celebration. On a dark and very rainy night in December, the children of Drapers' Maylands pulled a crowd to fill the entire St.Thomas' Church in Noak Hill. Incidentally, one of the most historic buildings in the area, which witnessed the beginning of the newest school and the first ever Nativity celebration to begin the tradition for many years to come. It was a very magical and significant moment in time and I witnessed the most supportive and positive response to a children's Nativity performance in my career!
This term has started with a visit to the Queen's Theatre to see the pantomime of Aladdin, which the children absolutely loved! It has caused much excitement and 'wishing' which has kicked off our term about 'Treasures' really successfully! I can't wait to see how the children make more memories this term...

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