Nick Butterworth School Library Opening

On Tuesday 6th March children’s author Nick Butterworth visited Drapers’ Maylands Primary School. Nick spent all day with the pupils, giving each year group a workshop on reading and writing, as well as telling the story of his life. The pupils, all dressed as woodland animals inspired by his popular ‘Percy The Park Keeper’ books, learned of the magic of storytelling and imagination.

Having spent all day with the pupils, even sitting and eating lunch with them, Nick finished the day by opening the school library. To a packed playground of parents and pupils, Nick took great pride in opening the new ‘Enchanted Wood’ library, and spent time meeting parents and signing his books.

Parents were also lucky enough to attend a special workshop in the evening, in which Nick spoke from his great experience on the importance of reading with your child. The parents who attended we captivated by his presentation, and relished the chance to meet this legendry author.

Drapers’ Maylands Principal, Trudy Spillane said of the experience: “Nick Butterworth is an inspiration to our children. He kept them enthralled throughout the day and the same thing happened for parents and carers when they met with him for a workshop in the evening. To have Nick Butterworth to open our Enchanted Wood library was a real honour.”

Nick Butterworth is a writer and illustrator of children’s books with more than sixty titles to his credit and worldwide sales of over fifteen million books. He is best known for his Percy the Park Keeper series and more recently for books about the friendly alien Q Pootle 5 who now features in his own series of 52 episodes on BBC’s CBeebies.

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