Drapers’ Maylands Primary School is a place where children are at the heart of all that we do.

Through excellent teaching and exciting activities, children are able to access a rich and stimulating curriculum which feeds a love of learning. Children are encouraged to have a keen spirit of enquiry about both people and places, challenge themselves and to be confident about themselves as learners.
Our focus is on the key skills of communication, mathematical understanding, scientific enquiry and information technology so that children are equipped with skills for life. Through our theme-based curriculum topics, children are able to find out about the world and the past, make contributions and develop ownership of their learning.
Planning for topics is based on the requirements for the EYFS and National Curriculum.  At the start of the topic cycle, collaboration with children allows for the planning to be tailored to their needs, interests and develop self-directed learning skills. Activities are planned for visitors, parents and carers to be involved in the learning and celebration at the end of the topic cycle.
The learning environment at our school is well designed and equipped with an emphasis on the needs of future learners. It is our aim that Drapers’ Maylands Primary School will offer the most up-to-date technology resources and endeavour to equip children with technology skills relevant to their generation.
High expectations for behaviour enable us to create a calm and purposeful learning environment where diversity is celebrated and learning is valued. The Characteristics of Effective Learning from EYFS underpin the school curriculum from EYFS to Year 6 to develop and foster the attitudes for a learner to be successful. Themes for study are selected so that there is progression from one year to the next and pupils are exceptionally well-prepared for the next stage of their development.


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