July Update

Time has passed so quickly and here we are, just three weeks before the end of the term of our second year at Maylands. What a year this has been! Meeting Her Majesty, the Queen, in May was an honour; holding a UNICEF breakfast, made and hosted by the children for their parents and carers, raised £222.49 for children in other parts of the world who don't have food to eat; stories shared with parents and carers in the garden; an Art Day when we celebrated Eric Carle; Reception children at the seaside and so much more... Please look at our website blogs to see what your child has been up to!

Still to come before we break up for the holidays...a Jamboree concert with other schools to celebrate the music making in Early Years, Year 1 Film Viewing, Sports' Day and picnic, Celebration afternoon and probably more besides!

In the meanwhile, our building is being finished. The moving day is rushing towards us and the children visited their new school last week to get a real experience inside the classrooms. September will be such an exciting time for us all. New children to join our school, new parents and carers as part of our community, new staff thrilled to be part of our team. I can't wait!