Fox Blog

Friday 15th November 2019

Another busy week in Year 2!

This week Badger and Fox class gave Mary Berry a run for her money, with the delicious chocolate brownies they baked for the Children in Need Cake Sale. 

Badger Class enjoyed their first Forest School session on Wednesday, whilst Fox Class began to design and program their animations on the iPads in Computing. 

On Thursday we had a special visitor on the field (a deer and her baby) which brought much excitement to the school day!


Friday 8th November 2019

What an exciting week Year 2 have had! 

On Thursday the children thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Colchester Zoo and were lucky enough to get up close and personal with the tigers, including a little cub!  

Badger Class were thrilled when the wolves came right over to the window to see them! 

Fox Class loved visiting the underwater tunnel, and were amazed to see the seals gliding through the water. 

Interestingly, some of the children found the little birds flying around stealing our crumbs scarier than the big cats at the Zoo!


Friday 11th October 2019

This week the children have worked extremely hard at applying their knowledge in different ways.

In Maths, they have been focusing on their finger number doubles and using this to help us find halves of amounts. The children really enjoyed playing games around this topic.

Furthermore, in science they have been applying their knowledge of animals and habitats both in and out the classroom. In forest school, they searched for mini beasts living in different micro habitats and discussed why they may not see some insects now due to the weather. In addition to this, due to it being Space week, they have also investigated whether or not a tiger would survive being sent to space. They applied their knowledge of a tiger food chain and habitat and compared it to the needs and living space they would have on the ISS (International Space Station). They really enjoyed dressed up and discussing the space suit that astronauts actually wear and whether or not a tiger would be able to have the same suit.


Friday 4th October 2019

This week in Fox class, the children have explored the world by looking and learning about the seven continents of the world, more specifically where wild tigers come from. 

The children have also been learning about habitats in science and how a tiger uses it habitat to hunt and survive. This includes where a tiger uses shelter to camouflage itself to hunt its prey. The children enjoyed acting out as a tiger, displaying their learning in a more practical way.

Furthermore, the children have begun to practise and understand the meaning of the word 'anticlockwise' as a direction of turn.


Friday 27th September 2019

This week in Fox class, we have enjoyed our first Forest School session of the year. The children enjoyed exploring the forest while also supporting each other when facing challenges.

The children have also been discussing what it means to be responsible and how sometimes it is hard to be so. The children showed great understanding of the topic and have shown fantastic role model behaviour since.

Furthermore, the children have started to look at fixed number ratio in Maths and have explored the classroom to find the ratio of different items. 


Friday 24th May 2019

Here are some photographs of the things we have been up to this half term!

We had a fencing taster session in the hall which the children thoroughly enjoyed.

In Science, we explored seed dispersal by blowing dandelions outside to see how the wind can carry seeds, leading to plant growth in different spaces.

Rick Robin showed us how to make a rope swing at Forest School! Some children chose to build a bug hotel out of items they found in the forest.

Our last Forest School session was on Friday 24th and we got the chance to explore a different area of the forest. We enjoyed our hot chocolate and biscuits, and left carrots for the deer to eat!

A group of children decided to use the natural materials as instruments to create a forest band in our reading garden.


Friday 5th April 2019

It has been a very busy week here, as always at Maylands! The highlight for us, and the children would definitely agree, was the Coronation Day which was held on Thursday 4th April. First of all the children were able to see and touch (although we had to take great care with them) artefacts from the travelling museum and they could also see old photographs, ration books and memorabilia from the Queen’s coronation day back in 1952. The children were able to write with fountain pens with ink, to create their own invitations to the street party, along with decorating china cups, coin rubbing and making periscopes. In the afternoon, we held a street party and the children were able to eat some of their baked cookies which they made, as well as perform some of the dances they practised for the Queen! Thank you to the children for enjoying all the activities and taking part in everything, showing good team work, effort and enthusiasm. Thank you also to parent helpers for being there to offer your help and support.


Thursday 28th February 2019

In the last week of Spring term 1, Fox Class took part in a drama workshop where we learnt about how to look after the environment with a real life superhero!

We had a fantastic time at Forest School where we collected sticks for our fire and drank our hot chocolate.

Our first week back has been very busy but lots of fun!

On Wednesday we had a poetry workshop where we acted as dragons and sang songs with rhyming words.

In Maths we have been dividing by sharing out cubes and creating quadrilaterals,  pentagons, hexagons and octagons using lolly pop sticks.

On Thursday we helped each other to edit our writing. Miss Buckle was so impressed with how well we worked with each other!

What a brilliant start to our half term!


Friday 18th January 2019

Fox Class have had a great start to the new year!

Last week we focused on our year group's artist; Vincent van Gogh. We looked closely at his painting The Starry Night and even recreated our own part of the painting using the same brush stroke technique he used.

In Design and Technology we designed, cut and assembled a wooden picture frame. In Maths we practised our measuring skills by using different equipment.

On Monday we went on a treasure hunt to retrieve clues for our new topic; We are Elizabethans.


Friday 30th November 2018

This week year 2 have begun their Christmas countdown by learning a number of Christmas songs for the Christmas Fesrival and their Christmas assembly.

In literacy, the children have continued their planning for writting their own fairy tale by choosing their main characters and setting for their story. They have produced some beautiful descriptive pieces!

Next week we will begin our rehearsals for the Christingle assesmbly the following week. We would like all children to wear a Christmas hat of their choice for this assesmbly and would like to ask parents to bring in a hat with their child’s name on it by Friday 7th December please.


Friday 27th April 2018

This week the children had a fantastic time, they were challenged to find the best day to plant sunflowers seeds in London and in Inverness. We looked at the weekly weather forecast for both cities and discussed what the weather symbols represented. Then the children worked in groups, they planned a weather report and made a video, where they were real weather correspondents.

On Tuesday we took part in learning some new dance moves, and we were joined by Jam Dance.

On Thursday the children had a challenge day! All of their results have been logged in their individual ‘Health and Fitness Passport’ that they will update in September to track how their fitness has improved.

Fox class had their first Summer Term Forest school session and loved seeing the changes in the environment.