Eco Committee Blog

Friday 10th November 2017

Today our Eco Committee met for the first time to complete an environmental review for our school, discussing each of the nine key Eco-Schools topics, including Energy, Healthy Living and Waste. Here are some things they found out:

  • Our healthy living score was very good because "every day we go outside and exercise by walking and running at playtime" and "we have vegetables every day at lunch".
  • Our energy score was not very good because "we need to make posters to tell people to stop, and remember to turn off the lights when they leave a room".

The Eco Committee have decided to have three key action points:

  • Get a compost bin for the playground and make sure that the children know what goes in that bin.
  • Make signs to go above the light switches in every classroom.
  • Learn about what fairtrade means and do an assembly for the rest of the school so they can learn too.

The Eco Committee have also set up our British Wildlife Garden, putting out the hedgehog houses, bird houses and the minibeast hotels. They have decided to find out what hedgehogs might like to eat so that next week we can take some food to the garden.

Here, they are photographed standing in front of the new tree house in our library, made from wood repurposed from our old school. They thought this was an excellent example of the way we recycle everything we can!