Class Assemblies and Online Safety

A big thank you to all parents, carers and relatives who have attended the Class Assemblies on a Thursday morning! The theme is online safety which is so important for our children to know. The Safety Agreement they sign reminds them how to stay safe when online and what to do if they are worried. The agreement for parents and carers is equally important for safety online at home. Please sign and return your copy for the Pupil Record Files. In school, we ensure that your child is aware of the rules for safety and that we can put in place all the measures possible to do this. If you are unsure how to do this at home, the agreement your child will give to you will help and there is also a sheet in reception with further information. During the Spring Term we will be holding a workshop information meeting for parents and carers. Please do attend.

Next Thursday (16th November) is Dormouse Class at 9am and Hedgehog Class on 23rd November at 9am.

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