How to get your children to love books - without really trying

Nick Butterworth visited Maylands in 2018 to open our school library.

When my grown up children were still growing up, there was nothing I (or they) loved more than the time we spent before bedtime sharing favourite stories.

 ‘Come on Ben – make room for Amanda. That’s it. Which book are we going to have tonight? Mr Potter’s Pigeon? Again?! OK. Here we go. “Mr Potter, lived by himself at 35 Station Road, near the railway line. At the back of his house there was . . .”

It’s amazing how something so enjoyable produced so many other benefits. It was a time of sharing much more than just stories. I’d learn about all the important things that were going on in their lives. A new dance. Taking away sums. The story behind a plaster on someone’s knee.

That was more than thirty years ago. Ben and Amanda still love books and they love reading. And (I’m just a little proud to say) they both love reading to to their own children.

Nick Butterworth

Nick Butterworth is a writer and illustrator of children’s books with more than sixty titles to his credit and worldwide sales of over fifteen million books. He is best known for his Percy the Park Keeper series and more recently for books about the friendly alien Q Pootle 5 who now features in his own series of 52 episodes on BBC’s CBeebies.

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