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Friday 15th November 2019

Another busy week in Year 2!

This week Badger and Fox class gave Mary Berry a run for her money, with the delicious chocolate brownies they baked for the Children in Need Cake Sale. 

Badger Class enjoyed their first Forest School session on Wednesday, whilst Fox Class began to design and program their animations on the iPads in Computing. 

On Thursday we had a special visitor on the field (a deer and her baby) which brought much excitement to the school day!


Friday 8th November 2019

What an exciting week Year 2 have had! 

On Thursday the children thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Colchester Zoo and were lucky enough to get up close and personal with the tigers, including a little cub!  

Badger Class were thrilled when the wolves came right over to the window to see them! 

Fox Class loved visiting the underwater tunnel, and were amazed to see the seals gliding through the water. 

Interestingly, some of the children found the little birds flying around stealing our crumbs scarier than the big cats at the Zoo!


Friday 11th October 2019

It has been a busy few weeks in Badger Class! 

The children have been enjoying learning more about tigers. Last week they discovered that wild tigers are only found in the continent of Asia. We also learnt the names and locations of the other World continents. All of the children really loved the Continent Song, which helped them remember the continents in size order. 

Further to this, in Science the children found out more about the specific habitats of wild tigers, such as Grasslands and Mangrove Swamps, and the three key features of a habitat that animals need to survive (food, water and shelter). The children enjoyed having the chance to go outside and re-enact a tiger hunting for its prey in the School gardens. 

As this week is World Space Week, we have had the opportunity to consider what astronauts do and how Space is different to Earth. The children were amazed to see how astronauts wash their hair and prepare their food! We also considered whether tigers would be able to survive in space, using our knowledge of tigers habitats and needs to provide reasons for our answers.


Friday 20th September 2019

Badger Class have had a brilliant, busy first two weeks in Year 2! 

This week we have been creating magnificent pieces of art work inspired by our Year 2 focus artist Vincent Van Gogh. The children used oil pastels to carefully create the brush stroke effect Van Gogh is so well known for. 

The children also used their investigative skills to help them identify and categorise which objects and creatures outside were living, dead or had never been alive. 

Badger Class have really enjoyed their music lessons, in which they are learning to play the ukulele. Miss Smith and I were so amazed to hear them beginning to play a tune altogether on the ukuleles this week. 


Friday 14th June 2019

Badger class have had a great start to their final half term in Year 2. We had a very wet, but enjoyable Forest School this week where some children chose to put on a performance and created their own stage. 

In Science this week, the children have been conducting an experiment to see what conditions are best for seeds to germinate. We certainly have been surprised with the results!


Friday 17th May 2019

Last week was a very busy week for Badger class with writing our Badger Encyclopedia as well as setting ourselves new learning challenges and milestones to achieve this term. With a big congratulations to these children this term so far who have achieved Merit Certificates: Alesha for using her phonics knowledge  in her writing, Jazmine for being a super role model, Reece and Riley for being super mathematicians, Lucy for excepting new challenges and Keene for becoming a more confident writer. We look forward to seeing who will receive Merit Awards this week. Also huge congratulations to Austin for achieving a Golden Pencil-keep up the hard work.


Friday 10th May 2019

Badger class have had a great first two weeks back after Easter.
Last week we began our new topic: “Where the google are we?” The children become meteorologists for the day and looked at regional weather forecasts, before presenting their own weather report. This week we have begun to look at locating places on maps and understanding compass points.
In literacy the children have been writing stories with a fantasy setting and write their own story about Planet Party. 
In maths we have been practising column addition, partitioning numbers and looking at the properties of both 2D and 3D shapes.


Friday 5th April 2019

It has been a very busy week here, as always at Maylands! The highlight for us, and the children would definitely agree, was the Coronation Day which was held on Thursday 4th April. First of all the children were able to see and touch (although we had to take great care with them) artefacts from the travelling museum and they could also see old photographs, ration books and memorabilia from the Queen’s coronation day back in 1952. The children were able to write with fountain pens with ink, to create their own invitations to the street party, along with decorating china cups, coin rubbing and making periscopes. In the afternoon, we held a street party and the children were able to eat some of their baked cookies which they made, as well as perform some of the dances they practised for the Queen! Thank you to the children for enjoying all the activities and taking part in everything, showing good team work, effort and enthusiasm. Thank you also to parent helpers for being there to offer your help and support.


Friday 22nd March 2019

This week Badger class have begun learning more about Queen Elizabeth II. On Monday we received a letter from the queen and memorabilia which formed the bases of our research.
In Literacy we have been learning how to structure a letter and have written a response to the queen’s letter we received.
In maths, we have continued to explore shape by investigating lines of symmetry. We have also started to look at applying our mathematical knowledge when answering one and two step word problems.


Friday 8th March 2019

This week has seen the start of our Science Fortnight, where each day we have looked at different journeys. On Monday and Tuesday we looked at journeys in the ocean and wrote a speech to encourage people not to use single use plastic. On Wednesday was the journey of a spider where the children took part in an Anansi  drama workshop and looked at how spiders spin their webs. Finally, on Friday we explored journeys in the brain and the job of the nervous system and neurons.


Friday 1st March 2019

We have had an exciting, practical first week back.

Our eggs arrived on Monday and we have been spending the end of each day checking them. We were so excited when the finally hatched on Wednesday!

In maths we have been building 2d shapes and looking at the properties of a quadrilateral, hexagon, pentagon and octagon. As well as using objects to help us solve division problems.

On Tuesday we took part in a dragon poetry workshop and really impressed the poet with our range of descriptive vocabulary.

Finally on Wednesday we had our first forest school session for this term and were lucky enough to explore the forest in glorious sunshine. We even got to build a swing!

Don’t forget that next Friday is world book day and to bring in your favourite book as well as dressing up as your favourite character.


Friday 15th February 2019

There have been lots of fun activities going on this week. On Monday a “mystery chest” arrived in Year 2. We knew it was linked with our current topic, but we needed to predict who it might belong to, where is came from, how it got here and what might be inside. We are all excited to open the chest after half term.
On Wednesday we were visited by an environmental superhero who taught us about saving the planet through an interactive drama workshop. It was a great way to start our day!


Friday 8th February 2019

This week Badger class have been learning more about Tudor Exploration. The children conducted their own research using the iPads and recorded lots of facts on sea exploration, Sir Francis Drake and Sir Walter Rayleigh. In literacy the children took part in a drama lesson looking at the conditions and jobs onboard a Tudor galleon ship and wrote a letter from the perspective of a Tudor sailor. Please ask your children to tell you what they have found out this week!


Friday 18th January 2019

Welcome back Badger class!
Badger class have had a great start to the new term. Last week we spent the whole week looking at Vincent Van Gogh’s painting “The Starry Night” and learning about the artist himself. In design technology the children designed and made a wooden picture frame and spent their maths lessons practicing using different equipment to measure lengths.
This week we kick started our new topic: We are Elizabethans by taking part in a knowledge treasure hunt around the school. The children found objects and pictures such as: potato’s, a ship, a quill and portraits of both queens. All of which they will be learning about through the term.
It was lovely to see so many parents at our parent consultation on Monday. If you were unable to attend, please feel free to book a meeting after school with the class teachers to discuss your child’s progress and attainment. Finally, if I could remind you to hand in your parent feedback form for your child’s previous targets ASAP.


Friday 30th November 2018

This week year 2 have begun their Christmas countdown by learning a number of Christmas songs for the Christmas Fesrival and their Christmas assembly.

In literacy, the children have continued their planning for writting their own fairy tale by choosing their main characters and setting for their story. They have produced some beautiful descriptive pieces!

Next week we will begin our rehearsals for the Christingle assesmbly the following week. We would like all children to wear a Christmas hat of their choice for this assesmbly and would like to ask parents to bring in a hat with their child’s name on it by Friday 7th December please.


Friday 9th November 2018

Happy Diwali!

This week Badger class have been celebrating the festival of Diwali by making clay Divas which can hold a tea light candle. We looked at different images of Divas, and painted them in bright colours as Diwali is the festival of light. In our R.E. lesson, we took a closer look at why Diwali is celebrated and the traditions that happen each year.

We also had our second Forest School session and, even though it was raining, we enjoyed getting muddy! Please can I remind parents that all children need their Forest School clothes returned to school by Wednesday and check that they have include warm clothes and waterproofs. 


Friday 19th October 2018

This week Badger class have begun to work on the Enterprise competition in preparation for fireworks night on Friday 2nd November.

We have decided to run a Tombola stall on the evening, providing people with an opportunity to win a variety of prizes. The children have designed posters to encourage our parents to donate prizes for the stall. These can include: unwanted gift sets; new books and toys; vouchers an anything you feel you would like to win. We would like to ask all our families to help support Badger class by donating prizes, as this is a class based competition and we are determined to raise the most amount of money!

Please could you give any possible prizes to either Mrs Pearce in Badger class or the school office.

Some children have also written letters to local businesses for their support. We have already received VIP tickets to Old Macdonald’s Farm, 4 ball golf session from Mayland’s Gold club, a beauty voucher from Heavenly Beauty and a free session with kids meal from Frankies’s Soft Play.

Don’t forget to purchase your wristbands from the office and we look forward to seeing you on Friday 2nd November!


Friday 21st September 2018

This week Badger class have been taking a closer look at microhabitats. Within our outdoors science area, we discovered lots of small creatures such as: spiders, earwigs, woodlice, slugs and butterflies. We also began to take a closer look at what these creatures might need from their habitat such as food, water and shelter. What other creatures can you find?


Friday 14th September 2018

Welcome back Badger class! We have certainly got off to a flying start with a visit from a tiger who trashed our tea party, looking for examples of living, once lived and never lived in our gardens for science and writing our first story of the academic year inspired by The Tiger Who Came To Tea. Keep up the hard work Badger class!


Friday 20th July 2018

What a fantastic final week we have had in Badger class! 

On Tuesday, as part of their final science day, the children planted sunflower seeds and began their sunflower diaries. This diary can continue to be completed throughout the summer and children are welcome to bring them back in September to receive extra house points. 

On Wednesday the children had an opportunity to work with a West End actress and develop their drama skills. They looked at ways they could re-tell the story of "The Elves and the Shoemaker" through actions, which they really enjoyed. The children then went on to design and make puppets of the elves with the challenge of creating a puppet with a moving part.

As we have now reached the end of the academic year, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the children on the progress they have made this year. They have all been a joy to teach and have made my first year at Maylands an enjoyable one. I wish all the children an amazing summer and look forward to seeing you in September as our first Year 3 classes!


Friday 6th July 2018

This week Badger class, along with Fox class, performed their end of year (and end of Key Stage) play 'The Goblin Next Door,' and what a show it was! The children amazed us with their ability to learn their lines, remember all the songs, their fantastic acting and graceful dancing. They even set up and cleared the stage after each scene. 

We are very proud of them all and would like to thank the parents that attended for their support. Well done Year 2!


Friday 15th June 2018

It certainly has been a busy start to our final half term. The children were still talking about the fun they had on Friday participating in the international fundraising event “Soccer Aid.” Ball control, team work and scoring against the teachers were just a few of the highlights! Well done to all the children that took part and keep your sponsorship money coming in.

Finally, I would like to take another opportunity to congratulate the children in Year 2 on a successful bake during the Great Maylands Bake-Off. Banna and blueberry is definitely a winning combination.


Friday 18th May 2018

This week Badger class have been participating in the "Walk to School" week. Each day, we have been recording how each child travels to school on a frequency table which the children will use to create bar charts and pictographs. The children have  also spent some of their lessons outside looking at seed dispersal and working as part of a team on a maths treasure hunt.


Friday 11th May 2018

Ready, steady, grow!

Badger class were very excited to return to school, after a long weekend, to find our class science project had drastically grown. The children planted beans two weeks ago as part of our "Ready, Steady, Grow!" science project. They have certainly become a talking point within the classroom!


Friday 27th April 2018

In Badger class we started our week with a wow day! On Monday the children were given the challenge to find the best day to plant sunflower seeds in London and in Inverness. We then looked at the weekly weather forecast for both cities and discussed what the weather symbols represent. The children were then asked to plan and present a weather report, as if they were a real weather correspondent.

On Tuesday we took part on a dance workshop, where children were taught choreography to a song. The children loved the opportunity to learn new dance moves and show case their talent. We certainly have some enthusiastic dancers in Badger class!


Friday 20th April 2018

This week Badger kick-started the new term with a whole day of Design Technology. The theme of the day was ‘healthy choices’ and underpinned all our activities.

In the morning, we looked at what a healthy, balanced diet is and what food we should only have a little of. We then looked at a traditional muffin recipe and discussed how we could make it better for us.

The children were then able to bake their own courgette and oat muffins, from scratch!

Finally, the children became product designers. Designing the packaging for their muffins and a poster to encourage people to buy them.

Welcome back Badger class!


Friday 23rd March 2018

This week in Badger class, we have been preparing for our Commemoration Day next Wednesday. In art, we have been creating a variety of pieces inspired by the lyrics of the song 'I love the flowers.' These pieces include: tissue paper flowers; modern art mountains and waves influenced by the painting 'The Great Wave' by Hokusai.  These pieces will be used in the Commemoration Day assembly.

Badger class have also been practicing their wonderful singing along with playing the ukulele and dancing. We look forward to seeing you next Wednesday!


Friday 16th March 2018

This week Badger Class have been celebrating science week. This years theme is 'exploration and discovery' and each day we have been looking at different aspects of science.

On Monday we took part in a whole school Forest School, where the children were able to search the forest looking for mini beasts. 

On Tuesday the theme was 'oceans' where the children looked at describing what they could see in and around the Great Barrier Reef. 

Wednesday's theme was sound where Badger class where able to partake in workshops across the school, investigating and exploring sound. In literacy, Badger class produced a fantastic poem based on the sounds of a thunder storm. We were very proud of our shared write, which demonstrates just how far the children have come in their literacy this year.  

On Thursday the theme was 'dinosaurs', a favourite of all the children! We set up a dinosaur museum in class where the children could study fossils and become a palaeontologists. In maths, we worked as a class to measure the length and height different dinosaurs. Using meter sticks, we plotted out the length of a Brachiosaurus on the playground. Badger class couldn't believe just how big they were!  

Finally, Friday's theme was 'space', where we looked at creating Van Gogh inspired space art using oil pastels. Badger class can not wait until the next science week!


Friday 9th March 2018

This week Badger class have been looking at the work of Nick Butterworth. On Monday,  in small groups, the children read one of Nick Butterworth's books to each other then wrote a summary of the story. This was a great opportunity for the children to participate in a shared read and to study the works of the author before meeting him in person on Tuesday.

On Tuesday Nick Butterworth led a workshop with the children where they were able to hear how an author creates a novel from just an experience or idea. Badger class also enjoyed the opportunity to see Nick Butterworth demonstrate how he invents characters for his books. The children especially loved the drawing of a hungry crocodile with a tooth ache! At the end of the session, Badger class were able to ask Nick a few questions and share their love of reading.